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The 11th day of January 2007


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Date: Thu 11-Jan-2007 15:37 pm
Subject: Sand
Whereabouts:33°53'56.00"N, 118°24'48.60"W
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Music of the moment:Steven Curtis Chapman - You Know Better
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Lots of sand. Lots and lots of sand.

Manhattan Beach's Sand Dune Park has one major attraction, a steep...sand dune which you can walk up (if you like a workout--otherwise there are stairs that go around) and down (if you like finding creative ways to end up at the bottom of a sand dune from the top--otherwise why bother to go!)

Having opted for the walking up method, kamoranakrre needed to stop for a bit once reaching the top. It was there he took the opportunity to take for you the picture of the day.

Neighbourhood and Industry
A subdivision, National Guard facility, and industrial buildings
800x600 (120 KB) · gallery page

Today's our last day in sunny California--tomorrow we head back into the vast lands where weather happens, the earth is made of dirt, and the freeways only have two or three lanes in each direction...


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