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The 26th day of April 2007


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Date: Thu 26-Apr-2007 19:28 pm
Subject: The Exception
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Almost all the new buildings on campus have a very similar architectural style. Yet over in the art school, they did things completely differently. I really only have occasion to visit this section when looking for books of historical photographs of the city. (Apparently for the vast part of the twentieth century nobody was regularly posting pictures on the Internet. For some reason, they favoured making large books, if you can imagine!) So, yes, anyway, where were we? Oh--the picture of the day.

Artful Walkway
A walkway outside the art school
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Although it's stategically partially obscured by a column (and the exposure time) in this picture, kamoranakrre always imagines this scene is a Coca-Cola advert since there's a lit machine on the third floor right in the middle of the windowed stairwell. Maybe sometime if he's thinking about it, he'll take a picture that captures that effect.

The 25th day of April 2007


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Date: Wed 25-Apr-2007 16:23 pm
Subject: And Now for Something Not At All Different
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I've posted so many pictures of various construction goings-on already, but if there are two things that you can count on the school to be doing, it's planting flowers and building something new. Another crane, another picture of the day.

Continuing Construction!
A crane towers above the rising concrete structure of the new Political Science and Economics building
800x600 (86 KB) · gallery page

Of the current projects, kamoranakrre is most excited about this going up, because when it's done they're planning to remove the rest of Eliot Hall. It's an interesting building for its solid concrete look (and all the more strange since they demolished part of it), but not the nicest.

The 24th day of April 2007


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Date: Tue 24-Apr-2007 16:53 pm
Subject: Into the Woods
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It's that time once again. Yesterday we saw a picture from one of my favourite times for photographs (because of how the sky glows blue on the slower exposures). If you thought there was too much colour in that one, then just for you is another picture of the day.

Chair Forest
Rows of wooden chairs
800x600 (130 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre has been known to complain about how for the most part these small writing surfaces are on the wrong side of the seat, but, having sat at one with said surface on the correct side, the problem is really just that they're super-small. This building is still neat, though, what with the observatory on the roof and all.

The 23rd day of April 2007


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Date: Mon 23-Apr-2007 20:01 pm
Subject: The Search Continues...
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It's been awhile, but the quest for delicious custard is certainly not over. In November we were way out in Wentzville, but today we ventured to another location just off a highway for the picture of the day.

Mr. Wizard's Custard & Yogurt
Mr. Wizard's Custard & Yogurt
800x600 (86 KB) · gallery page

lcd_cow likes this one for having sugar-free selections, but kamoranakrre still thinks further investigation into all the choices is in order...

The 22nd day of April 2007


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Date: Sun 22-Apr-2007 23:47 pm
Subject: An Announcement
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I recently received a fancy card with some Latin text on it. It reminds me of New Orleans because that city has plaques all around it that hyphenate the word Luisiana to wrap it to two lines. It also reminds me of a headline in The Onion: WA- (Headline continued on page 2.). Of course, neither of those have a fancy 'A', and neither of those is the picture of the day.

Love Conquers All
Amor Vincit Omnia
800x600 (72 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre has always appreciated the amazing flexibility of Latin word order.

The 21st day of April 2007


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Date: Sat 21-Apr-2007 18:18 pm
Subject: I'm...Backwards!
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One of the benefits of living where I do is the ability to conveniently walk (or, even better, ride my bike) to several convenient establishments including the home of delicious soup-in-a-breadbowl, the St Louis Bread Co. While on my way down the street the wind was blowing enough to unfurl the flags. From where I was standing, however, they were blowing "the wrong way". It seemed fitting, though, since the decoration on the building is a backwards f on this side as well. But don't take my word for it--take a look in the picture of the day.

Natural Reversal
Three flags blow in the wind in front of a stone building
800x600 (102 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre didn't bring himself to walk backwards from this point, however, 'cause the traffic turning onto and off of Clayton Road isn't about to yield to someone who's not looking where he's going.

The 20th day of April 2007


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Date: Fri 20-Apr-2007 23:36 pm
Subject: That's Not Confusing at All...
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Although it was nice of them to make the coins "golden" to make them more distinguishable from quarters, putting George Washington's face on the front sure didn't help. Two dollars and two quarters appear in the picture of the day.

The Many Faces of George Washington
Two quarters, a dollar coin, and a dollar bill
800x600 (150 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre still wouldn't mind if they brought back Eisenhower dollars. Maybe as a tribute to the Interstate turning fifty-something? No?

The 19th day of April 2007


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Date: Thu 19-Apr-2007 16:21 pm
Subject: #TODO Build Door
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As construction continues continuing for the new student centre (so many pictures of which have already been taken), it's fun to see what's different. There's some fresh concrete here along with the picture of the day.

Insert Door Here
Outline of a door spray-painted on a concrete wall
600x800 (139 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre is hoping that this is magical spraypaint and that if conditions are right a real door will appear here overnight.

The 18th day of April 2007


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Date: Wed 18-Apr-2007 16:19 pm
Subject: Thurtene is Coming!
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It's the time of year again for the Thutene Carnival. This weekend, in fact, is when it will be this year. As I was walking past the parking lot where they're setting up I stopped to take the picture of the day.

Hotshot sign tops a carnival ride
600x800 (120 KB) · gallery page

Although kamoranakrre likewise enjoys occasionally partaking in such adventures, he is nonetheless curious about people's willingness to pay to be twisted, turned, flipped, dropped, and tossed in various exciting ways.

The 17th day of April 2007


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Date: Tue 17-Apr-2007 16:10 pm
Subject: "You're My Best Customer... Today"
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It appears that the Postal Service needed an advertising campaign. Apparently they're doing a set of Star Wars postage stamps. To promote this they've gone to such lengths as the picture of the day.

Droid on Delmar
R2-D2 Stickers cover a USPS mailbox on the street
800x600 (147 KB) · gallery page

But that's not what kamoranakrre came to tell you about. ...Came to talk about the draft Free Cone Day! Ben & Jerry's gives away free ice cream every year. Today's the day for this year!

Last year when I went towards the end of the night, the manager was joking with a guy who had been through the line like 10 times. He said the quote which made it to the subject line. I'm not sure I want to eat 10 cones and scoops of ice cream in a day, even if it is free.

The 16th day of April 2007


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Date: Mon 16-Apr-2007 15:51 pm
Subject: That's One Giant Lawn Ornament
Whereabouts:38°39'21.30"N, 90°18'32.50"W
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Across from the University City Branch Post Office there's a patch of greenspace that's not really useful for constructing a building. But it's useful for constructing something like the picture of the day.

Cones of Art
Wooden lattice structure in the greenspace across from the University City Post Office
800x600 (174 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre supposes that, since they're not fully enclosed shapes, these are actually conic sections. Somewhat relatedly, he's is still sad that Twigonometry is gone from Carleton College's campus.

The 15th day of April 2007


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Date: Sun 15-Apr-2007 00:22 am
Subject: Press Here for Deliciousness
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Apples are delicious. This attribute remains unchanged when they're smashed to smithereens as in the picture of the day.

Applesauce in Progress
Apples being pressed into their more saucy form.
800x600 (77 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre admits was surprised when he found out that applesauce comes out red when using red apples. Silly him.

The 14th day of April 2007


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Date: Sat 14-Apr-2007 17:15 pm
Subject: Math is a Foreign Language
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...At least, many would argue that it is. Hopefully, it shouldn't be to hard to decipher the meaning of the picture of the day.

Multiplication Rug
A rug with multiplication tables
800x600 (97 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre thinks it's interesting we teach times tables in a square. A little symmetry goes a long way... but not for memorization!


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