Who Are You Going to Call?

For some reason, this company struck me as amusing. I hope that they show up at your house with crazy equipment and things. They claim to take the frustration out of home computing, but I find that highly unlikely. Until a computer becomes a toaster, anyway... Well, I guess whatever their merits they get free advertising in the picture of the day.

Computer Problem Busters
A van for the Computer Problem Busters
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kamoranakrre recommends regular percussive maintenance for optimum performance.

I-170 north from US 40

Hall of International Congress

This building has been used for many things over the years, from the 1904 World's Fair to a Library to an eatery and lounge to the picture of the day.

Ridgely Hall
Arches of Ridgely Hall in the Brookings Quadrangle
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kamoranakrre couldn't have asked for a better cloudscape for the afternoon. (Okay, he could have. ...But it would've been silly as the one present was quite nice.)

The Photographer Himself

Temporarily Delicious

I like the St. Louis Bread Company. Panera Bread is okay, too, I guess, though it lacks something. However, if you let it sit too long, your bread is no longer useful for eating, and is only good as a baseball bat and as the subject of the picture of the day.

A loaf of French bread
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(For the record, it wasn't kamoranakrre who purchased this bread. He would've likely made a meal of it and eaten it straight away. He likes bread.)

Semi-Automatic Door

A Computer is Not a Toaster

A toaster is an appliance that you can buy at the store. You would never think to order the parts for a toaster and make one yourself. On the other hand, a computer is comprised of a set of standard interchangeable parts. The first computer I ever built is not for me (though I'll get around to that at some point). I've watched lcd_cow and alataristarion build computers for people for awhile. More recently I've helped with some. More recently still I did it on my own, building a computer for etherealsquid (while he sat and watched). It took all afternoon, but it works!

The moral of the story is, if you open up a toaster, it doesn't look like the picture of the day.

Some Assembly Required
A fan and some wiring over a motherboard
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No endorsement of or by kamoranakrre is implied by or through the use of any trademarks that might appear in this image. However, Intel really blew it on the 64-bit front.

I-170 north from US 40

A Wandering Way Back

If you're feeling cheated after yesterday's post, well, this one might be better. There's just been a lot, a lot going on recently. If you're on my friends list you may've read my entry from "last night" expressing joy at finally having nothing to do for a momet. Otherwise, you'll just have to make do with a picture of my phone.

Tonight I was out driving around and decided to cut through downtown Clayton on my way home. I haven't been through in awhile, so why not? In a funny twist the end result is that a familiar parkway is yet again the subject of the picture of the day.

Parkway Indicator
Directional sign for the Forest Park Parkway
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I've always liked these square signs for the Parkway that treat it as if it's a route designation on par with a numbered highway. I'm not over the curiosity of there being railroad tracks down the middle, either.

No other cars were forced to unnecessarily wait in the production of this photograph. (The green light was for kamoranakrre alone.)


Marking Territory...with a Marker!

You've seen plenty of pictures from my frequent walks up and down Skinker Boulevard. Today brings another one! There isn't much in the way of graffiti around this section of town. However there is or was someone once who thought tagging "Flux" onto signs and mailboxes and things was a good time. Here's an example for the picture of the day.

Pedestrian Flux
Diamond road sign: Yield to Pedestrians, with graffiti tag "Flux"
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kamoranakrre never really liked the game Fluxx. There's so much silliness in that game; enough that there's really nothing left to strategy. When I do find myself playing, I just try to cause as many crazy things to happen as I can rather than try to win. It's a little more fun that way, though still silly.

The Photographer Himself

Cupples I, III

It's another May Day. When I was younger, I wondered why someone would shout "May Day!" when they were in trouble. Leave it to English to steal a French word and then make its only difference from another thing be a space. I guess that's more than we sometimes get!

I couldn't tell you how many pictures I've taken from this room or of this building or anything, but this is the third in a chain of photos that have become the picture of the day.

Concrete Corner Circle
Concrete balcony railing
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Astute readers will remember seeing the different perspective on this location from Spring W.I.L.D. 2006 (the entry for which mentions another photograph taken from this spot).

kamoranakrre doesn't want to hear anything about how this is a sphere and not a circle. He passed Geometry back in the day--really! This is the window of the math lounge, even. If sphere started with a "C" he'd be all over it. This photograph isn't three-dimensional, anyway.

Left Arrow

One of the Perks

Parking on this street is often hard to come by. One of the benefits of walking/riding a bicycle almost everywhere is not having to worry about that much. I suppose it's also slightly less of a concern if you're like the picture of the day.

Perpendicular Parking
A motorcycle parked with its rear wheel to the curb
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kamoranakrre wouldn't be thrilled at the prospect of carrying a motorcycle into a third-floor walk-up, though.