February 6th, 2006

The Photographer Himself

For Those Who Don't Like Puzzles

The previous post is (not very securely) encoded. (The least reason for this is that... Collapse ). Additionally... well... it's a bit obvious, really.)

Some people, however, are not particularly enamoured with decoding messages. They just want to look at something and have it be immediately visible to them. While I was at the lovely Washington University in St. Louis returning the paperwork that I acquired during Friday's work-related-activities, I took an hour to just walk around and see what there is to see. In the courtyard of McMillan Hall, there is a row of stone blocks with numbers on them. I presume they're years, but haven't a clue why they're there. Even if you don't know either, you can appreciate the simple fact that they exist (unencoded) in today's picture of the day.

Six and Sixty Years Ago...
Six and Sixty Years Ago...
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In case you're wondering, the shadow on the block was not because of me or my camera. I checked.