February 27th, 2006

The Photographer Himself

On Geometric Solids II: The Wrath of Concrete Shapes

Washington University in St. Louis is a lovely place. It lacks a critical element, however. Fountains! Maybe even one fountain of some size. There used to be a fountain, but they removed it in order to put in stairs. Not even a ramp for accessibility or something--stairs! (Yes, the fountain was a bit ugly--square concrete blocks painted blue--but it was a fountain!)

Though the Danforth Hilltop Campus still lacks a substantial fountain, along Forsyth Blvd. next to Francis Field (home of many events of the 1904 Olympics) is now located a substantial sum of decorative concrete. The sphere and pyramid, whatever they're there for, were quite interesting when they were put in. Now, not only are they intresting, they're advertising space. Not only that, but they're a picture of the day.

Not a Fountain
Not a Fountain
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I did a bit of math and, based on current usage, I will run out of hosted space for the Picture of the Day in approximately eighty-eight years. Based on how often they increase the disk quota, kamoranakrre will probably never run out...