April 12th, 2006

Semi-Automatic Door

Improving the Reliability of the Heavens

Much to the dismay of the owner of the green car, a tree-cutting truck was parked in this mews alley and clearing branches that were encroaching on the utility right-of-way (as part of Union Electric's Ameren's Reliability Improvement Project. At least, that's theoretically what was going on. It looks to me like they're just trying to see how high this thing can go. Certainly no trees up there, as you can see in the picture of the day.

Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky
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To be fair, they were probably just trying to make sure not to bump the power lines while in the process of keeping them from being bumped by other things. But kamoranakrre would probably ride just to see how high it would go.

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