April 15th, 2006


Pasta Luigi's on Main

I went and helped paint and spread mulch at the waterworks in St. Charles, Missouri today. Well, it used to be a waterworks. Now it's about to become an Italian restaurant! I did get to sample the Chicken Marsala and the Chicken Pesto, both of which are delicious (the latter more than the former in my opinion). They're opening on 20 April, and I'm not above giving out free advertising in the picture of the day.

St. Charles Municipal Water Works
St. Charles Municipal Water Works
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kamoranakrre invites you to have "Fun with Pasta and Grapes"!

As of this writing, the Google Earth satellite imagery for the location is quite out-of date. All the construction adjacent the building has been completed. (There are condos on one side and a Country Inn and Suites on the other.)