April 29th, 2006

I-55 -- LSD to STL

When This Whole World Starts Getting Me Down...

Today was the semi-annual Walk In, Lay Down at fair Washington University in the Gateway City. It's free for anyone who can get their hands on a WU identification card, and I rather enjoy going.

In the early hours of the event, there are few people there, so one can sit in the lawn and make a picnic of the free food and beverages while enjoying some talented (though less famous) performers. (First today was The Feed.) It gets more crowded later, but I made the effort to stay and get a good view of the piano for Ben Folds (who is skilled at not only using his hands but also his stool to play the grand piano). I didn't make as much effort to get a view, however, as the person in the picture of the day.

On the Roof
On the Roof
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This is actually the spot from which kamoranakrre took this picture of the day back in February.