May 7th, 2006

364 at Missouri River

Not The Great Pyramids

I was rummaging through a sack of dice with varying numbers of sides. The four-sided die is unusual in that a point sticking up determines the number rather than a face level with the ground. The numbers are thus printed/engraved/whathaveyou in the corners of the faces so that the number is legible from any side. All the corners at an apex have the same number, of course. ...Unless those corners are in the picture of the day.

Dysfunctional Die
Dysfunctional Die
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kamoranakrre prefers unary dice to decimal dice, anyway.

The Photographer Himself

A Moment to Reflect

I've been working quite a bit on various things that aren't taking pictures. In a week, though, I shall (hopefully) be embarking on another westward journey--then there'll be lots to see. In order to get there then, though, I have to get stuff done now. ...Not that it'll actually stop me from posting a picture of the day.

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kamoranakrre thinks these pictures practically take themselves.