May 22nd, 2006

I-170 north from US 40

Smoother, Safer, Sooner!

I was delighted to discover, upon traversing Interstate 70 eastward across my home state, that MoDOT has nearly completed making our primary highway a nice drive, rather than the patchy, bumpy route it was but a few years ago. Thanks, Missourians, for voting for this one. It's really made a difference!

Another bit of construction is nearly done. That would be the Forest Park Parkway. It was open westbound all the way from Washington University (in St. Louis) to I-170 (the Innerbelt), as long as you didn't mind going north on I-170. Yes, this same viewpoint was posted before, but time has changed the scene quite a bit and so it once again is the picture of the day.

A Parkway Reopened
A Parkway Reopened
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kamoranakrre is still eagerly awaiting the opening of the adjacent Metrolink route...

(The location on this entry is the intersection for which the eastbound traffic signal is yellow in the picture.)