June 4th, 2006

Little America

The Mighty Ohio

Someone once asked me the following riddle:
Q: Why do they build bridges across the Ohio River?
A: So the Briars can swim across in the shade.
What I didn't get at the time was that a "Briar" is a Kentuckian. (The joke was told to me by an Ohioan.) I suppose that some Kentuckians might tell the same joke about Tennesseeans were there a river comprising that border.

Anyway, one such river bridge is a double-decked freeway (U.S. Route 150/Interstate 64) connecting New Albany, Indiana to Louisville, Kentucky. You can see it from the Hoosier side in the picture of the day.

New Albany on the Ohio
New Albany on the Ohio
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kamoranakrre suggests that you look at the satellite imagery of the location. New Albany thought ahead enough to welcome you to their fair city. (Well... you and anyone crossing the aforementioned bridge...)