October 7th, 2006

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The Best Free Concerts $240,000 Can Buy!

I recently mentioned that Cheap Lunch is a feature of being around the campus of fair Washington University (in St. Louis!). Another would be that, at the small price of some $240,000 per year, there is the semi-annual event known as W.I.L.D.. Today brought one such event to the Brookings Quadrangle. The first performer of the afternoon can be seen in the picture of the day.

Eliot Morris
Eliot Morris
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kamoranakrre always likes the beginning of the concerts best. Everyone who's there is just sitting/laying in the grass (hence "Walk In, Lay Down") and enjoying the music. (Eliot Morris is particularly well-suited for a laying and listening atmosphere, by the way.)

(You may recall the picture of the day from the last W.I.L.D., in which one reveller decided that the roof made a good vantage-point.)