October 11th, 2006


The Quest for Parking

If you're one of the many people who paid $500 for a yellow parking permit at fair Washington University, it can be quite a quest to find a reasonably close parking space. kamoranakrre hasn't ever had this problem, since his main transportation is bipedal, bicycle, bus, or b-b-b...er... train.1 That hasn't stopped him from looking out the windows and watching the cars passing by. Today the parking situation looke like a picture of the day.

Three Windows
A parking lot through a set of three windows
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See any parking spaces? I didn't.

1If you're thinking to yourself, "Hey! The first of those is an adjective and the rest of those are nouns; that's faulty parallelism!" then you've earned yourself a cookie. Congratulations! For an extra cookie, pick a noun starting with 'b' that concisely indicates the same idea without being awkward.