November 3rd, 2006

364 at Missouri River

Begin Freeway

Although kamoranakrre thinks they should have made the Route 364 (Page Ave. Extension) freeway begin at U.S. Route 67 (Lindbergh Blvd.) there are a few straggling traffic signals left between that interchange and the Westport Plaza Dr. interchange (and so this stretch is still part of Route D (and the "original" Page Ave.)). The last of these now provides three lanes for turning left onto the start of the freeway, as seen in the picture of the day.

Triple Left Turn
Three left turn lanes at this intersection with Page Ave.
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Triple left turns are rare--and understandably, considering that many drivers can't seem to keep to their side of the dotted white line in a double left turn!

(Yes, this picture is a bit on the pink side...)