November 4th, 2006

Road Trip

623 Feet West...

Today (in no particular order other than alphabetical) alataristarion, kamoranakrre, and maiabee8 went to Columbia, MO to visit lcd_cow and thornspeak. [Yes, and to play Guitar Hero with 0den, too!]

We decided to go to Shakespeare's Pizza for dinner, and it is this restaurant that is the setting for the picture of the day.

Refrigerated Beverages, Etc.
Refrigerator containing Beers, Glasses, WD-40, other alchohol,...
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If you're over twenty-one, then maybe you could enjoy some of the delicious items in this refrigerator. I highly recommend the one that displaces hydrogen hydroxide (though it's certainly not the first to try it (nor the thirty-ninth)!).