November 7th, 2006

Little America


You never know when you might be the median voter, so it's better to be on the safe side and head to the polls each election day. kamoranakrre did, and also took the picture of the day.

Election Day
Campaign signs outside a library
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I got to try out one of St. Louis County's fancy new electronic voting machines today. It was really fun watching the receipt print after each "button" press. It definitely beats filling out a scantron (think #2 pencil and bubbles) sheet! (I s'pose that's part of why they're shifting to an entirely-electronic version for the next election... though I did enjoy poking the pin through the punchcards, and did admire the butterfly ballot for its space efficiency in former elections.)

(What? This picture's fuzzy? Well, yes. I was actually in a car at the time, and various other members of the electorate weren't thrilled that I stopped as long as I did in the middle of the parking lot to take this. :) )