November 12th, 2006

One Way: US 40 West

What Is It?

As I was out and about in the City today, I saw a pickup truck waiting at a traffic light (which happens a lot since the City doesn't seem to believe in modernising their traffic lights (not that they need to all that much since the streets are hardly close to capacity what with the population only being some 350 kilopeople these days)). This particular pickup truck had a bumper sticker on the back of it, which is, out of my curiosity, now the picture of the day.

Grown // Mined
It can't be grown--it has to be mined.
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Google says that this slogan is in use by many organisations involved in the mining industry. Perhaps one of them has Missouri as their logo and draws its members from the state of Illinois?

kamoranakrre thinks that Grown // Mined would make a good split card.