December 12th, 2006

Μετρο -- Ομόνοια

I Know What You're Thinking...

...You're thinking that kamoranakrre hasn't finished photographing every inch of Forest Park's boundary along Skinker Boulevard, aren't you? He's not about to let that happen, and so it's time for another picture of the day.

The Edge of Forest Park at Night
The Edge of Forest Park at Night
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It would be really neat to walk down this street at 01:14a and see people sitting on this bench while the streets and sidewalks are still full of life. (Not likely, huh? When I was in a hotel overlooking Πλατεία Ομονοίας in Αθήνα, I would sit at my window at this time of night and watch the endless stream of cars going by, and the frequent electric bus derailments due to construction. The city was very much alive.)