January 16th, 2007

Animated Colorwheel

With the Right Combination of Levers...

In my time I've learned a lot about how computers work. I've drawn circuit diagrams and made simple virtual processors. But I still have absolutely no understanding for how and why spinning magnets induce a flow of energy that somehow makes these logical designs come to life and transmit in patterns that transofrm into a picture of the day.

Open computer case
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kamoranakrre was glad to have helped assemble this mess of wires in such a fashion that mysterious smoke didn't rise out of the machine. He's heard that it's the soul of the machine being released into the æther, and that's why the computer doesn't work any more after it happens. Clearly there should be more debate on the ethics of trapping souls just to be able to number-crunch more quickly!

[For the record, yes that is an operational CD drive sitting on top of the case. No rubbing balloons in your hair or kittens permitted within 50 feet.]