January 27th, 2007

To 44/55/70/64/40!

The East Side

kamoranakrre has ventured to Culver's in Collinsville, Illinois before. Instead of inside, this time we look outside for the picture of the day.

Distant Arch
Some building across the street from Culver's in Collinsville, with campaign signs out front
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I have no idea whether or not it's a good idea to reëlect Pulley to the City Council, but I do know there's a 630-foot tall steel construction hanging out in the back of this photo. If that's the Gateway to the West, then here in Illinois we must be in the east, still. [Really, St. Louis feels like it's part of the east, too. Kansas City is where you can find the west. Really, Missouri has a little bit of everything.]