March 27th, 2007


Thank's, Imos!

After we took down our containment field (er, plastic), something had to be done with the masking tape that was keeping its matrix stable (er, holding it up against the wall).

Unrelatedly, we (like everyone else) get bountiful quantities of unsolicited commercial mail (spam) in our mailboxes. One such advertisement made its way into the picture of the day.

Tapeball and O'Flier
A tapeball and a flier titled O'Imos
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kamoranakrre thinks that if he were of a more combative mindset, he would be incensed and outraged at the racial/cultural stereotypes presented in this circular. Instead he realized that he isn't about to go to Imo's anytime soon, anyway, so he might as well just put it in the circular file with other such rubbish as gets delivered to him by those fine folks who deliver for him.