March 31st, 2007

Travel At Own Risk

May the Trains Ride Again!

They've vaguely been talking about putting in a trolley line in the Loop. Thus far that's not happened, though there are now a couple on display, one here and one by the History Museum.

In the meantime, walking is fine. Or, even better, sitting inside St Louis Pizza Haus and enjoying the deliciousness while watching passersby!

Here's a picture of the day.

Loop Sidewalk
Loop Sidewalk
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I'm always hoping that one day I'll come up here and see they've started laying tracks. I like trains. Maybe not quite as much as evil_puffball does, but quite a bit nonetheless.

(kamoranakrre recommends going on Thursdays, when 14" 1-topping pizzas are $6.00.)

Edit: It's not related to the entry at all, but I was out later today and saw the sign that is now the userpic for this entry along the road. Up until this point I've always assumed the State and County would assume all my risk for travelling, but now I know that I have to take it on myself. Thanks for the information, orange sign!