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I Can Resist Making an Awful Pun
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The 3rd day of February 2006


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Date: Fri 03-Feb-2006 19:19 pm
Subject: I Can Resist Making an Awful Pun
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I was out today doing various work-related things when I saw a can-person lying next to a fake tombstone. It was amusing enough to warrant a picture... But as I was pulling out my camera, a human-person arrived to straighten up her cannéd compatriot. The result is a picture of the day.

800x600 (71 KB) · gallery page

If you're wondering the text on the can-person's stomach reads:

WU has been the
last place for 3yrs.
in this competition!
We can't lose any more!

Until next time!

Date:Sat 04-Feb-2006 04:43 am (UTC)
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haha that's a great pic :) keep up the pic of the day thing, it's good fun! ^_^ (you should send it to studlife or somethin..hehe)
Date:Sat 04-Feb-2006 09:15 am (UTC)
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you should send it to studlife or somethin..hehe

But then people would start having expectations about my pictures being good all the time (and appearing all the time)!

Glad you're enjoying it thus far! :)
Date:Sun 05-Feb-2006 20:31 pm (UTC)
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haha.. that's true. i like it tho :)