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Journal Style Updates

This style now has timezone support! If you haven't already, go to the Edit Info page and put in your timezone. Then comments will all appear in your local time. (Hovering over the times with your mouse will give the time between entry posting and comment posting, as well as the commenter's local time, if available. (Yes, if you know anything about S2, it was only one line of code in my layout. But it's fun :) )

I always get annoyed when I'm logged out of LiveJournal and don't realize it. So now a section Not Logged In appears between the Navigation and Links sections in the sidebar if you're not logged in. I thought about making a special section for when you are logged in, but (as far as I know) S2 doesn't let you get access to the viewer's username, so I couldn't really make links back to your friends page or whatnot.

I also (finally) moved the Edit Entry, Edit Tags, and Add to Favorites buttons over into the sidebar where they belong. Now there won't be a heart icon hovering in the middle of the page for no reason.

I'd still like to make the comments section less ugly... or at least better fitting with the rest of the layout. I think I'll work on that next.
Edit: Well, they fit in more; I still haven't figured out how to make the action links not necessarily be below the userpics. (Right now they're set specifically to be.) My layout is such a hack.


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