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Surprise Attack, Coming from Above!
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The 8th day of February 2006


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Date: Wed 08-Feb-2006 22:26 pm
Subject: Surprise Attack, Coming from Above!
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Music of the moment:Tori Amos - Winter
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A renegade fleet of clouds decided to loose an assault upon fair Missouri today with soft little pieces of frozen water. Although many people might find this annoying and a hindrance to their daily routine, kamoranakrre enjoyed having the fruit of winter falling from the heavens. Anyway, given that he's a rational individual, it is only to be expected that this sky-dusting appear in the picture of the day.

Powdry Picnic
Powdry Picnic
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I admit that powdry is a bit nonstandard (though it matches hindrance as seen in the preceding paragraph), but I like it. If you start your own photoseries, you can title your pictures as you please :)