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On Geometric Solids
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The 9th day of February 2006


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Date: Thu 09-Feb-2006 20:15 pm
Subject: On Geometric Solids
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Have you ever noticed that, when driving along a freeway (limited access multi-lane divided highway (or dual carriageway), i.e. motorway), there are lots of semis (tractor-trailers/trucks/lorries) carrying (transporting/moving/hauling) monochrome, regular shapes (geometric solids!) for points (locations/destinations) unknown? As it turns out, some of them may end up one day in your own home. You, too, could then use geometric solids to make your very own picture of the day.

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The one on the left is really a huge foam block in the shape of Utah. There are two sheets in addition and one funnoodle-ish cylinder. For the record, kamoranakrre has nothing to do with them being there.

No thesauri were harmed in the making of this entry.