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The Adventures of Kamoranakrre IV: The Quest for Postage Due

Like any high-quality epic story*, this adventure doesn't begin with the first chapter. 'Cause in media res is all the rage...

When we join our unlikely hero kamoranakrre, he is on a quest to acquire a postage stamp (39¢ these days!). He finds out that the Post Office closes at 13:00p on Saturdays (making it very difficult to use), so he decides to venture into the City of Richmond Heights, Missouri on his trusty bicycle. There is a Schnucks there with a stamp machine... but upon arrival he discovers it only takes coins. Having only eighteen cents in his pocket and noticing a sign informing the masses that there is (temporarily) no ATM inside the facility, this was not a winning proposition.

Luckily, there's a Walgreens right across the street. So he goes in, acquires a couple packs of wire-hangers for our epic ethernet cable (100 feet), and gets to the cashier... I'm sorry, we're out of stamps right now. Foiled again!

At this point it was time for refreshment, and our not-really-anything-resembling-a hero remembered he had a Panera card in his pocket. He ordered the customary meal of heroes, the Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich (with the beverage of champions--Dr Pepper!). The card only had $1.16 left on it. Oops. Anyhow, using amazing mathematical technology (random luck), the change from Walgreens added to the change from [The Saint Louis] Bread Co. resulted in having four quarters and a dime.

Having the good fortune to catch the crosswalk light, our feeble-excuse-for-a character attempted to cross the street. He was successful, but had the casualty of his freshly refilled cup of Dr Pepper. At least Clayton Road was feeling thirsty and enjoys carbonated beverages...

He got a free replacement nut and washer for his bicycle from The Touring Cyclist (they fell off at some point), but, while in the shop, one of the little rubber pads on his glasses popped off and disappeared into the æther. Unfazed, he proceeded to Schnucks once more to acquire stamps. He discovered upon inserting the coinage that $1.10 will net you two postage stamps and will net the supermarket 32¢ in profit. But at least the treasure was intact.

Now Walgreens also sells glasses repair kits. And outside of Walgreens is a payphone. And this payphone is owned and operated by AT&T, (formerly SBC, formerly Southwestern Bell Telephone, formerly a subsidiary of AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph)). That's the payphone you see below you, complete with Southwestern Bell sign.

Having successfully solved this adventure, Kamoranakrre the Silly headed up to the University City Post Office to drop off his letter for dispatch to points far distant. Upon examination of the postbox, he learned that the United States Postal Service will actually collect this letter at noon on Monday. This means he could have just gone to his local post office later to get stamps instead of embarking on this quest.

Now you know the story of the epic quest that led to today's... picture of the day.

"Phone Here"
"Phone Here"
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As I was passing in front of the studios of KFUO Radio (which is on the campus of Concordia Seminary), a van pulled up and asked me how to get to Powell Symphony Hall. I told them to take Highway 64/40 East to Grand and follow the signs. The guy driving seemed to understand that... but I'm still really confused what they were doing in the middle of an out-of-the-way neighbourhood in Clayton if they were hoping to hear Mozart. Maybe they were just tracing a Classic 99 advertisement to its source?

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