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Why Must Universities Have Quadrangles?
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The 13th day of February 2006


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Date: Mon 13-Feb-2006 22:39 pm
Subject: Why Must Universities Have Quadrangles?
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This is the Brookings Quadrangle at Washington University in St. Louis. There's a person walking on the path in the foreground, but since this is a longer exposure, all that's visible is eir shadow. This picture is noisier (grainier) than a lot of the others. I'm not sure why that happened in this particular case, though it might have something to do with my relying on my ability to press the camera firmly against a piece of [not very clean] glass in order to capture the image.

This was actually the last of four attempts to photograph this scene. (I'm not nearly self-disciplined enough to be one of those who only attempts one photo per day, for better or worse.) I do think it makes for a good picture of the day.

A Shadow Among the Light
A Shadow Among the Light
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