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The 17th day of February 2006


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Date: Fri 17-Feb-2006 21:12 pm
Subject: Prelude
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Music of the moment:Taproot - Poem
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kamoranakrre has worried about the existence of sprinklers in his building of residence (and even his bedroom). Yes, they'll put out a fire... but they'll also ruin everything (even if there is no fire here). Electronic devices don't get along with drinks even when they're not being shot out at high pressure.

I'll just hope that the one above my head right now doesn't decide to go off. If it does, it might be awhile before you see another picture of the day.

In Case of Fire
In Case of Fire
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Normally I don't like using my flashbulb, since natural light is much prettier (and the shadows are more natural). In this case, there wasn't much light getting into the corner of the ceiling, and my tripod wasn't tall enough (even when on top of a chair) to get this shot. I d'know; the shininess is kind of nice.