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On the West Side
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The 20th day of February 2006


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Date: Mon 20-Feb-2006 22:24 pm
Subject: On the West Side
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Music of the moment:Elton John - Crocodile Rock
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kamoranakrre, finding some free time, wandered over to the west side of Olin Library at Washington University (in St. Louis!) right around sunset. He might have liked to wait another ten minutes or so for the sky to darken sufficiently to make this a more wonderful picture, but... well, he doesn't much care for exposure to temperatures below 0°C. Anyhow, even if the sky is a little too bright, this still makes for an okay picture of the day.

Olin Library
Olin Library
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I tried to go to the bank today. I learned that there is an organization out there that still closes for Presidents' Day (or Washington's Birthday, as it is observed). Ah well, tomorrow is another day.