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You Think You're Funny, Do You?
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The 22nd day of February 2006


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Date: Wed 22-Feb-2006 23:59 pm
Subject: You Think You're Funny, Do You?
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First, I know I'm cheating on the time of this post by about two hours. I completely forgot to actually post it. (When I go on trips, I'll probably backdate the entries (both for timing and not-spamming-you goodness), but this is close enough... pretend I'm in California.)

Anyway, this picture is kamoranakrre thinking he's clever. It's probably been done before by somebody somewhere, but I've not seen it. Anyway, this is a picture of a keyboard from our (former) Packard Bell 386 computer from 1991. I'm glad I stil have it; though this laptop doesn't have a PS/2 port for it, it could come in handy one day. That, and it makes lovely clicking sounds when you type. (It makes a good prop.)

It's also special, because it was around when only Apple Macintosh computers had proprietary-logo keys. There was instead a very useful single programmable button. This button is why this is a picture of the day.

Macro Keyboard
Macro Keyboard
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Get it? Yes, I know it's terrible. :)