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A Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood
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The 23rd day of February 2006


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Date: Thu 23-Feb-2006 20:13 pm
Subject: A Lovely Day in the Neighbourhood
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Today was so lovely that I rode my bike in loops around the campus of fair Washington University for a half-hour when more sensible people might be taking the opportunity to eat lunch.

The sky was clear and blue. The trees were clear, too! Well... they didn't have leaves, anyway. People were enjoying the sunshine. kamoranakrre was holding his camera in order to take the picture of the day.

Graham Chapel
Graham Chapel
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When visiting the campus, you may see Graham Chapel and think it is a fairly reverent place (complete with pipe organ and fancy windows). A correct assessment, however, would take into account the content of the banner infringing on the trademark of UPS at the right of the frame. Thinking outside the box, eh?