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Into the Night

Today is the first day I've watched any of the MMVI Olympic Games of Turin1. This is mostly because I don't have a functioning TV-tuner where I live, but do where I am presently. Also where I am presently is a sign demarking a 25 MPH2 speed zone. (You might recognize it if you, too, have been here. :) ) Anyway, I thought it would make for a good (albeit grainy) picture of the day.

Limiting Lamppost
Limiting Lamppost
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kamoranakrre would like to thank a parked car for not being alarmed and for providing an improvised tripod.

1Torino, Italia. I was actually wondering today why the these games are advertised as the Torino games, but the MMIV games weren't advertised as the Athina games (or even Αθήνα, though I guess the former is easier to spell--even if the accent is foregone). What determines whether or not we use an English name for a foreign-named city?

2Once in middle school I got marked down on a science paper for writing that a unit of measure as KPS. Apparently, we all should have had some innate reason to use km/h to denote speed. That's fine, but she didn't even seem to understand what it meant. Older speedometers even say KPH on them.

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