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Millions of Dollars Can't All Be Wrong
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The 2nd day of March 2006


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Date: Thu 02-Mar-2006 23:55 pm
Subject: Millions of Dollars Can't All Be Wrong
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Fair Washington University (in St Louis!!!!!) likes to make their buildings look like they're trying to look like they're old...and made of stone. So it's been rather amusing to watch them put this lovely shell around the concrete building. As I was pulling out my camera, this lorry started backing into view... so I though it would add a unique touch to today's picture of the day.

Building a Building
Building a Building
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I heard one of the maintenance workers say that he heard this little addition was costing $1,000,000 per floor to build. Seems a bit pricey to me for three rooms made of concrete, but then, kamoranakrre certainly doesn't go around constructing classrooms every day.