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It's a Bear
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The 8th day of March 2006


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Date: Wed 08-Mar-2006 21:33 pm
Subject: It's a Bear
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Music of the moment:Scott Peeples - Gerudo Peeples
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It's been raining a lot here, and that means the sky is not at all blue. This means that the background of the picture you're about to see is not at all blue. (Well, it is at all blue, and all at all red and at all green... if you're of that persuasion.) It's almost as if there's nothing back there at all. Anyway, this wouldn't be a very interesting picture it were just an overcast sky, so I let this statue get in the way of today's picture of the day.

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If you had shown him this picture yesterday, kamoranakrre wouldn't have been able to tell you where it came from. (He could now, though.)