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Two-Lane Two-Step
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The 11th day of March 2006


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Date: Sat 11-Mar-2006 23:00 pm
Subject: Two-Lane Two-Step
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Music of the moment:Ed Miller - Never Tire of the Road
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In Georgia did we learn that the Mills Corporation is even more the capitalist dream than previously believed. Not only are their coin "gravity wells" run by a for-profit corporation, but the location outside Atlanta is named Discover Mills. (It pays to have naming rights!)

Anyway, further out of Atlanta resembles much of the rest of the rural United States. There are two-lane highways that are seldom travelled (especially at 23:00p), and if they're not going to be driven on... Well, obviously, it's partytime! ...That, and a picture of the day.

Georgia Highway Dance
Georgia Highway Dance
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kamoranakrre counted a total of two cars driving along the road during the time we were parked there. Nobody seemed to pay any mind to the fact that we were there. (Yes, we did get off the road when cars approached!)