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...And Viewers Like You
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The 19th day of March 2006


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Date: Sun 19-Mar-2006 22:59 pm
Subject: ...And Viewers Like You
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Music of the moment:Red Army Chorus - Soviet National Anthem
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LiveJournal is planning to add ads to the service. Unrelated to this is the fact that I have a huge blue cup that I like to fill with water several times daily. Unrelated to the size and contents of the cup is that it has a logo. Independent of all these facts, this cup is today's picture of the day.

Brought to You in Part By...
Brought to You in Part By...
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kamoranakrre has now returned from the trip (in case you hadn't figured it out). Normal pictures of the day will resume tomorrow.

...And no, Pepsi didn't pay for this picture to appear here.