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The 20th day of March 2006


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Date: Mon 20-Mar-2006 11:59 am
Subject: Like Crystal
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Music of the moment:101 Strings - St. Louis Blues
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Prince Hall at Washington University in St. Louis is going to be torn down this year to make way for a new underground carpark. It was built 100 years ago, and it shows. I ventured inside while there were no classes in one of the rooms and looked out the window. The glass shows its age; it's rather imperfect. I liked the way it slightly swirled the view outside, and so was created today's picture of the day.

Clear as Glass
Clear as Glass
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I suppose the same effect could be achieved in Photoshop with about five seconds' effort, but this isn't the photo-manipulation of the day.

Yes, the Picture of the Day is back! Or, more accurately, kamoranakrre is back from his trip. The previous pictures are now posted (The following links go to the entries in this journal--if you don't care much for the commentary just go directly to the gallery here.)
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