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On the Transmigration of Concertgoers

Today kamoranakrre went to hear the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra perform. It's David Robertson's inaugural season this year (as claims many signs and the front cover of the Playbill®), and he seems like a nice enough guy (inasmuch as one can tell these things by watching a person conduct).

They performed John Adams' On the Transmigration of Souls, which is a piece written in 2002 and incorporating text from missing person posters and the like after 11 September 2001. [As it happens, I was playing my viola on that day at the time when someone came in and told us to turn on the television.] After intermission they played Johannes Brahms' Ein deutsches Requiem, which is a piece written in the later 1860s following the death of Brahms' mother.

After the show everyone left (unsurprisingly) and Kamoranakrre was left with an empty symphony hall, a part of which can be seen in today's picture of the day.

Symphony Hall
Symphony Hall
600x800 (105 KB) · gallery page

Kamoranakrre doesn't know German. This perhaps makes it easier to gather the musical beauty of the piece, but definitely makes it harder to gather the full essence of the same.

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