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Flores Fiant!
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The 29th day of March 2006


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Date: Wed 29-Mar-2006 21:54 pm
Subject: Flores Fiant!
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When I originally started this picture of the day project, I decided that two things I definitely would not take a picture of for the picture of the day would be:
  1. Myself
  2. My cat
There are plenty of LiveJournals and websites with pictures of cats in them (I recommend kittenbreak), and taking my own picture is right out.

What I *did* set out to take a picture of this fine day was some people who were sitting under a tree in the sunshine. You could say this objective was successfully accomplished, for there is in fact a person at the very bottom of the frame (near the orange net of the soccer goal). However, you could say the actual focus shifted a bit for the picture of the day.

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kamoranakrre hopes it will be as nice outside on a weekend when it can be better enjoyed.