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...And We Could All Use a Little Change
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The 31st day of March 2006


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Date: Fri 31-Mar-2006 19:16 pm
Subject: ...And We Could All Use a Little Change
Whereabouts:38°38'03.29"N, 90°18'43.08"W
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Music of the moment:John Denver - Sunshine on My Shoulder
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Since it was rather lovely outside today (though I was talking to a Jordanian who thought it was getting quite warm in that the temperature was over 25°C here), I walked to get lunch at Taco Bell today. The person behind the counter was surprised that I was paying with eight half-dollars, first saying "Ooh, can I have one?" and later "...You ain't got no green? Those look fake..." before taking them. Good thing I didn't try to use a $2 note. [For the record, I didn't have any green; I specifically went out with only $5 in half-dollars.]

Since it was still so nice later, I rode my trusty bicycle down south to the Schnucks on Clayton Rd. to pick up dinner-fixings. While on the way, I stopped to take picture of the day.

Clayton and Amoco
Clayton and Amoco
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LiveJournal recently added the new location metadata field for entries. The location specified on this entry is the place where the photo was taken. The view is east along Clayton Road. kamoranakrre would not be surprised if the giant Amoco sign appears in a future picture of the day. (This one sure isn't getting changed to read BP anytime soon...)