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Assorted Paragraphs... With Pictured

If you're doubting the authenticity of yesterday's picture, may it be known that I actually did go to the trouble of shooting the picture with my camera (lens-cap securely in place), loading it onto the computer, resizing and compressing it, uploading it to the Internet, and writing that entry about it. You should expect nothing less than the best!

Anyway, now that it's not the first of April any longer, we resume having "more normal" subjects for the photographs. Today's isn't all that exciting, however. There were tornadoes, thunderstorms, and the like here this afternoon, which knocked out our power briefly and our Internet connection for several hours. (I've never heard lightning disrupt an AM radio signal for a continuous 20 seconds before.) That means kamoranakrre definitely wasn't leaving the building... But that won't stop the picture of the day.

Three-Twelfths Dozen Donuts
Three-Twelfths Dozen Donuts
800x600 (56 KB) · gallery page

kamoranakrre certainly expects better from the makers of Twinkies...

Tags: commendable comestibles, loveliness of languages, of the day, pictures, weather

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