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Now That's More LIke It
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The 3rd day of April 2006


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Date: Mon 03-Apr-2006 18:26 pm
Subject: Now That's More LIke It
Whereabouts:38°38'54.30"N, 90°18'34.75"W
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Music of the moment:Jeremy Robson - Three Mushroom Dances
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Now that the storms have moved on, people have returned to the outdoors. Not only people, but horses, too! I'm not sure why there were carriages circling the campus this fine afternoon, but they're welcome to stay as long as they don't mind being in the picture of the day.

Carriage and Chapel
Carriage and Chapel
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kamoranakrre will stick to his bicycle for getting around, though.

(The location on this entry is approximately where the carriage is in this photograph.)