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Forest Park Access Road
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The 20th day of April 2006


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Date: Thu 20-Apr-2006 23:32 pm
Subject: Forest Park Access Road
Whereabouts:38°39'00.40"N 90°18'25.40"W
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The soon-to-be completed thoroughfare, the Forest Park Parkway, comes standard with not one but two traffic signals for people going in and out of Washington University. I thought one was unnecessary (though, with the removal of the pelican crossing, I understand it), since it's not that hard to exit the campus at either end... But a second one a few hundred yards down the road (which goes to the *SAME* side street on campus)... They must not care about through traffic at all.

They're also in the middle of installing the overhead wires for the new Metro line. With their powers combined, we have the picture of the day.

The Parkway
The Parkway
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kamoranakrre is glad the work is almost done; this road has been out of commission far too long.