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A Short Trip...
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The 22nd day of April 2006


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Date: Sat 22-Apr-2006 21:30 pm
Subject: A Short Trip...
Whereabouts:38°39'20.80"N, 90°18'19.00"W
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Music of the moment:The Beach Boys - In My Car
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If you've spent much time in Europe, then you probably recognise the automobile in today's picture of the day.

Smart Fortwo
Smart Fortwo
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But kamoranakrre didn't have to cross any borders to see this vehicle in action. The licence plate is one of a Missouri dealer; the Smart Fortwo is coming to (or... has arrived in!) the United States. It got plenty of attention from passersby during the brief time it was parked there--and at 60 miles per gallon (No, it's not a hybrid.), it's perfect for the urban dweller (or anyone who hates parallel parking :) ).

Anyway, they're not paying me enough to continue this commercial, so... later!