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Progress As Promised
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The 26th day of April 2006


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Date: Wed 26-Apr-2006 23:41 pm
Subject: Progress As Promised
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You may recall from this picture of the day that Prince Hall is (controversially?) being torn down year. The cornerstone of the building is dated 1900. It used to be called Liggett Hall, a fact which is clear from today's picture of the day.

Liggett Hall I
Liggett Hall I
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Why Liggett Hall I? There is another building which currently bears the name Liggett. It's also being torn down this year to be replaced by a third building that is (in kamoranakrre's opinion) far more hotel-like than a dormitory should be.

Date:Thu 27-Apr-2006 15:40 pm (UTC)
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In what way(s) hotel-like?
Date:Fri 28-Apr-2006 00:39 am (UTC)
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Well, the feature-set of a room is much like that of a hotel room, and the hallways aren't as conducive to socializing, as best I can tell. Walking into one, it doesn't feel much like a home. (...Although having someone who comes in and cleans up your personal bathroom twice a week is nice...)

The new buildings have more "private-ness" to the rooms. You could live next to someone all year and not bother to meet them. The old configuration forced you to meet people, 'cause you had to be in the hallways as part of your daily routine.

I guess it's a matter of perception--someone who lived in a barracks back in the day might complain about how the dormitory of my freshman year of college was too "hotel-like". But these new buildings just need a check-in counter, a bellhop, and a rack full of touristy brochures to complete the ensemble.