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Only Going Forward...
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The 4th day of May 2006


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Date: Thu 04-May-2006 20:45 pm
Subject: Only Going Forward...
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Music of the moment:Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Seasons in the Sun
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On 09 April of this year, I was given a lovely bunch of flowers to enjoy. I watered them and opened my blinds for them and enjoyed their colourful display. This morning, upon waking up, I looked down to discover the stems and leaves had shaded to brown and the flowers were losing their will to stand tall. So today I say farewell to these foam-entrenched friends, and you can too in the picture of the day.

Flowers' Farewell
Flowers' Farewell
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kamoranakrre hopes they might bring passersby a bit of cheer in their last days.