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Fresh Bottled Water! Water Here!
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The 14th day of May 2006


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Date: Sun 14-May-2006 23:15 pm
Subject: Fresh Bottled Water! Water Here!
Whereabouts:38°37'23"N, 90°11'37"W
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Happy Mothers' Day!

I went with my mother to the new Busch Stadium to see the Cardinals of Saint Louis take on the Diamondbacks of Arizona. One of the salespeople was walking around yelling "Fresh bottled water here!" and the like. It's nice to know it's fresh water. I'm not a fan of bottled salt water. Another of the salespeople is in the picture of the day.

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kamoranakrre liked the new park overall, but wonders if they put in enough advertising...**cough**

(Sorry the coördinates aren't more exact. As of yet the satellite imagery on Google Earth and on Terraserver both have the old Busch Stadium.)