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Terrible Weather!
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The 16th day of May 2006


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Date: Tue 16-May-2006 15:18 pm
Subject: Terrible Weather!
Whereabouts:33°52'59.80"N, 118°24'33.40"W
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Music of the moment:USC SoCal VoCals - Impression That I Get
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The weather in Los Angeles has been terrible... which is to say the sky has not been blue. What is this overcast nonsense, anyway? Well, that won't stop there from being a picture of the day.

Grey Ocean
Grey Ocean
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kamoranakrre also made a new userpic out of a sign on the 405 Freeway. He had plenty of time to take the picture as traffic was going about 10 miles per hour. (Apparently, the residents of L.A. County don't take the bad weather very well?)

(The location listed, if I got everything right, is the blue-sided building you see in the photo.)