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Snowy Summit
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The 21st day of May 2006


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Date: Sun 21-May-2006 11:29 am
Subject: Snowy Summit
Whereabouts:39°31'40"N, 106°13'05"W
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Music of the moment:Aaron Copland - Appalachian Spring
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More than 10.5 kilofeet high in the Rocky Mountains one can find the summit of Vail Pass along Interstate 70. Even though it's mid-May, there is still quite a bit of white lingering in the picture of the day.

Springtime in Colorado
Springtime in Colorado
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Inside the rest area at the summit kamoranakrre was for a second time amused at the left signs which the State of Colorado so kindly put up. He made one into a userpic, so that he might never again forget which way is left.